Vocational Services
Referrals for employment services are made through various community agencies and organizations. Upon acceptance by our agency, we will work with you to determine which of the following services will be appropriate to meet your needs.
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Job Readiness Classes
During Job Readiness class you will:
  • Learn how to create professional resumes, cover letters, and thank-you letters
  • Build your resume as your participate in various activities
  • Learn how and where to find a job
  • Practice proper interview techniques
  • Identify past behaviors that have affected your ability to hold a job
  • Set goals to help you develop positive work skills, attitudes, and behaviors
  • Interact with others who face the same challenges in getting a job
Work Evaluations, Adjustment, Training and Experience
Our workshop is an important resource that we offer to our clients and referral sources. The work that is performed is sub-contract work for local and area employers producing real products for market. There are no simulated jobs or make-work and they are working alongside regular full-time employees. By using real jobs we can offer evaluation, adjustment, training and work experience and give a realistic assessment of a clients prospects for success in the competitive work force. Our clients are evaluated using real work place metrics, we record productivity and monitor 100% of their output for quality as well as looking at other soft skills including attitude, motivation, and adaptability. We can also make accommodation recommendations if necessary and work with potential employers to implement them. These services are also available in community-based work settings with employers that share our goals in creating a strong work force.

All participants are paid and earn at least the prevailing minimum wage.
Job Development / Placement
When you are ready to find a job, you will receive:
  • One-on-one assistance to help you explore job opportunities and follow-up procedures
  • Assistance completing applications cover letters, and thank-you letters
  • Assistance in identifying the tools and resources available in the community for employment
  • Assistance overcoming barriers to maintain employment, i.e., transportation, child care, clothing
  • Referrals and coordination of care with other human service agencies
  • Help developing natural supports in the work place from other co-workers, friends, and family members
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Follow-Up /Job Coaching
Maintaining your job will be the main focus for you and your Employment Training Specialist. Contact will be made with you and your employer on a regular basis in order to be pro-active in discussing any problems. Employers may ask for assistance in developing job accommodations or identifying other forms of support needed for you to be successful in your job. If necessary, meetings will be held to discuss any job related problems and assist you in finding a solution. Follow up services usually last for 90 days from the day you begin your job.

If needed a Job Coach will be able to go with you to your workplace. They can help you learn the job, safety procedures, and other tasks you will be expected to complete. Job coaching is short term, and only there as needed by you and the employer.
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