Industrial and Business Services

Industrial Services
The types of work performed in our production workshop are light manufacturing based and tend to be more labor intensive and less equipment oriented. Some types of work we can perform for you are:
  • Assembly / small part kit assembly / bagging
  • Sub-assembly
  • Prep work / off-line tasks
  • Low-incentive production
  • Disassembly / material recovery
  • Rework
  • Short run / one-off / fluctuating production
  • Inspection
  • Sorting
  • Packaging / shipping
Completed Projects
We can help you cut costs such as wages, insurance, workers' comp, unemployment, facility overhead, etc. while meeting your quality and reporting standards and delivery timetables.
WSI Mission
Business Services
In addition to our industrial services we can also help meet needs you may have in the following areas:
  • Janitorial
  • Reception
  • Collating, Inserts, and Mailings
  • Short-term or temporary staffing


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